Ivys Medical Products: Ivy's Medical Products has been in business since 1994 and brings to you some of the innovative products we have found.  We have experience in the orthopedic industry, wound care products industry and as suppliers to hospitals and surgery centers.

Heelift Standard Suspension Boot by DM Systems:  $30.00 This product was made to aid in the prevention and treatment of heel ulcers.  The boot lifts the heel and suspends it in air, with pressure being transferred along the lower leg.  The Heelift is designed with ventilation holes for air circulation and increased comfort.  The tricot backing ensures friction-free movement of the foam boot on the sheets or other surfaces.  This comes in convoluted or smooth foam.  To order, click on the items tab above.


Heelift Petite Suspension Boot by DM Systems:  $30.00 The petite size is designed for smaller adults in the weight range of 70 lbs. to 130 lbs. or a calf circumference of 6 inches to 10 inches.  The features are the same as the standard size and also come in convoluted or smooth foam.  To order, click on the items tab above.

Vibrating Gloves by IntelliNetix, a Brownmed product.  $149.99 with free shipping.  Vibrating Gloves [pair] utilizes small vibrating motors on the finger joints to reduce arthritis pain.  Unlike TENS, Vibrating Gloves can be used by just about any adult.  Be sure to discuss with your doctor.

Heelift AFO [ankle foot orthosis] by DM Systems:  $80.00  These AFOs offer all of the benefits patients and physicians have come to expect from an ankle foot orthosis device, and the quality that the Heelift name has offered for over 30 years.  The soft foam interior protects the leg from irritation and friction.  Currently, these are available in convoluted foam.  To order, click on the items tab above.


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